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Ciper's AC Plugins

I not longer play Asheron's Call. With the latest version of Decal theses plugins not longer work. I have left the source code available for anyone that would like to see how they did work, incase they would like to use them in all or part. The tools Icon factory and AC View, may or may not work. Until I hear that they do not work I will leave the installers available.

Here are all the Decal Plugins and Utilities I have developed for Asheron's Call. Feel free to download the code and read, learn from and modify the code as you like or just install the executable if your are just wanting to use the the tool.

With the recent release of Decal 3 to Alpha, Many of the plugins are not operational, but am leaving these tools as examples, until they are upgraded. Feel free to take the source and correct, modify, and/or improve it.

If you would like to improve one of the plugins and be the new source of the plugin, let ofther use it, please send me a link to your page and I will let others know here. Please be responsible with the changes you make to the code, many of these programs can be easily modified to become against the Decal Developer's Code of Coduct and by downloading the source you should consider yourself bound to the CoC. If significant abuse comes from the programs I will close this website, or at the very least remove the program.

All program code contained in this website should be considered public domain and written by the author or from freely distributable sources.

The Plugins

Here is what is available. The webpage has any documentation that I have available, the source is in zip files and should ready to compile (if not let me know), The installers are effectively executables that will install the plugin for you. I do not intentionally have any malware in them, but please scan them for viri, trojans and worms and use them at your own risk. I recommend, if able, that you compile them yourself or have someone you trust compile them for you. The installers are mainly available for people who do not have access to a compiler and would just like to use the plugin.

  Plugins   PluginDescriptionLanguageWebsiteIntallerSourceVersionLast Update
DCS Deadeye's Color System. Shows the color of armor when selected, also can produce trade list with color swatches. C# 2005 DCS.html N/A 10/15/05
Buzzard Show Corpses in the area that have loot, but you have not checked yet C++ 2003 buzzard.html N/A 11/23/05
Valet Archer's Helper, Automatically equips of appropriate bow or ammo on equiping the other C++ 6.0 valet.html N/A 02/10/04
Bake_Neko modified a version of valet that corrects some problems added auto fletching options. His version is available for download at If you have any issues with that version, please contact him directly. From this point foward his version is considered official. I have just left my last version up for a c++ source example.
Ascus Show Portals, Lifestones and Houses in the area, Also can poll for available houses with a single click or at regular intervals C++ 6.0 ascus.html N/A 02/10/04
Thirdeye Tracks Monsters, NPCs, Players in area and what they are holding C# 2003 thirdeye.html N/A 02/10/04
Utilities   Utility   DescriptionLanguageWebsiteExecutableSourceVersionLast Update
AC View views Hex Data, Plays Sounds and View and Export Graphics from AC's Portal.Dat file C# 2003 acv.html 1.1 07/24/05
Icon Factory Bulk Exports of graphics from AC's as GIF JPEG, BMP, TIFF and PNG files C# 2003 if.html 1.2 07/24/05


If you are a programmer and see an area that could be fixed or enhanced and have the code to do so feel free to drop me a line with the suggested changes. I will consider them and give credit where credit is due. One area I can use significant help is in documentation on how to use the plugin. I often spend as much or more time putting the webpage together than actually codeing the plugin.

I am not interested in monetary donations, and please no work-for-hire offers. If you have an idea that you would like written, but unable to write it yourself, publish the idea in a public place such as AC Vault's AC Utilites Forum and see if someone is interested in coding for you. The plugins I develop are for my own use that I have decided to share with others.

If you absolutely insist on parting with your money for using items on this site, give some money to Salvation Army or a local place of worship.


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